Bad Beyond Belief
From Rob Huffman's album Tone without Tension

Now when I was young thought I'd have some fun
Thought I'd start a little band
So I found some boys to make some noise
And we began to jam
Before too long we learned a song
We'd play and then repeat
And all agreed the boys and me
Were bad beyond belief

Well we played a lot but we never got
Much better than we was
But we didn't care to hear the blare
Of cheering and applause
'Cause in our hearts we knew our parts
We knew them way down deep
We knew that we authentically
Were bad beyond belief

Then one day a man from out of town
Came knocking on our door
A talent scout or some such thing
Admiring our decor
He said that bad was good
and there were few as bad as we
He implored us to continue
playing bad beyond belief

Well bad got big and we were bad
So we got bigger too
Wound up on a TV show
And tried to sing the blues
It was like a dream, the girls would scream
As their folks cried for relief
While we just played our usual way
Bad beyond belief

Then times got tough, folks had enough
Of saying bad was good
So out of luck the band broke up
Moved back to the neighborhood
For we knew that fate was fickle
We knew that fame was brief
And above all else we knew ourselves
Were bad beyond belief

But lately I've been listening
to the radio sometimes
And all I hear seems insincere
Filled with tired rhymes
It seems that bad is back again
So later on this week
We're gonna reunite
'Cause the time is right
And the band still might

Be bad beyond belief

© 2000, Robert Adra Huffman
All Rights Reserved